Picnic table

Are you a boho person type? This picnic table is for you!

From 250 Cad – Elegant, boho, this picnic table is perfect when you plan your event in your backyard.  A popular choice for Baby showers, Christening, Birthday Parties, and Weddings, it suits most occasions. It can be decorated accordingly to your own taste and the theme of the party. It comes together with the two carpets, a maximum of 8 cushions, and 8 plastic sets for the tableware. Diffrent colors for the cushions, carpets and ceramic plates(extra fee) are available.

The canopy is included.

***Delivery fees (75 cents /km) are assessed based on suggested routes from “J7V9V7” to your location on googlemaps.ca. This item can be picked up and returned by the client.

And, if you are throwing a party that involves children we kindly suggest more fun items for parties on our website dedicated to kids only minyworld.ca 

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