Cheminée Décor

A funny outdoor game that will keep your guests busy and entertained

20 Cad – when is rented alone or when you personalize the basket with names 

How fun it can be, you won’t know until you try it. Place 6 bottles with drinks into the basket; alcoholic or not, it’s up to you. The players have to throw the rings over the top of the bottles until one ring falls onto the neck of a bottle. Start drinking from it! You can drink with your friends until it’s finished and then pass to the next or you can do your own rules! You can play in a team or each one for himself. The only rule to be respected is to Have Fun! 

***This item can be rented for free when goes together with other props or themed setups (extra 20$ for personalization). Delivery fees (75 cents/km) are assessed based on suggested routes from “J7V9V7” to your location on This item can be picked up and return by the client.

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