How to celebrate and prepare gifts in COVID-19 pandemic

How do we have fun, how do we celebrate the important events in our life, and most importantly, how do we get the perfect gift when the stores are closed?

Champagne glasses for the wedding with cushions for wedding rings

Sunday night I got a phone call from a friend who was also confused about a gift she wanted to offer to her friends. With all the stores closed, imagine the dilemma.

Irina said to me: “Micheline, you have to help me with something! You have to come up with a great idea that you can put into practice in a day and that will get me out of this deadlock. A marriage proposal is no small thing, it has to be memorable and it requires special gifts! “

Personalized balloons for the bride and groom

Imagine in these pandemic times how creative you have to get to be able to make this event memorable.

The conditions were not easy, but that did not discourage anyone. The young people met outside, took a walk to Mont Tremblant where Dima proposed to Mihaela, and they served a glass of champagne surrounded by only a few friends, and the freshly fallen snow.


Personalized Bookmark

Thus was born Irina’s gift, two Bavarian crystal glasses, which she herself bought just before the holidays without knowing their exact destination, a wedding cushion for rings that will be used at the right time, a personalized balloon and a bookmark instead of a greeting card to always remind them of this day.