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Desservant tous les secteurs de Montréal et de la banlieue.
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 Art Micheline was born back in 1996.  I start to sign my art and design work with this pseudonym when Corneliu Mihai, the art teacher who tutored me for the Faculty of Design admission nick-named me like this. After 5 years of courses in fashion, graphic, product, and ambient design I graduated with a Diploma as a Designer, in the Plastic and Decorative Arts profile granted by the Faculty of Arts and Design, West University from Timisoara, Romania.
Prior to university I graduated another 5 years on a pedagogical high school profile, Andrei Muresanu from Brasov, Romania that granted me a teaching certificate for the primary school and kindergarten. A few post-university programs completed my educational background with an Art teaching certificate offered by the Transilvania University from Brasov, Romania, and a CAD/MCAD diploma in computer design software(Autocad, Solidworks and Catia) at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

Art Micheline is a boutique and a studio

that offers a wide range of services like Art & Craft, Decor Event design and rentals, Interior design consulting, furniture and toys for kids. The most important domains needed to make your life comfortable and happy.

MINY WORLD is our registered mark, dedicated entirely to children. You can book our famous tents and tepee’s parties for kids right here or you by visiting our website !
In partnership with Decor Gateaux Mtl from Vaudreuil-Dorion, we are offering an elegant cozy venue, the complete thematic décor, and rental services for your intimate events like small-scale weddings, family parties, kids parties, friends parties, corporate events, bar/bat mitzvah, baby shower, wedding proposals, family nights, romantic evenings.
A delicious desert is made and offered by the pastry cook Euredice Sita, the owner of our venue partner. She also have
 a list of caterings companies ready to prepare a delicious meal for your special events.

Thematic art evenings are also on the menu list. Reading nights for kids, cinema nights, Karaoke, concerts, wine tasting, and more.

Our studio  welcomes and offers you consultations if you are searching for help in decorating your kid’s room: furniture projects, 3D room projects, matched accessories most of the time handmade in our workshop or in collaborations with our partners. You and your kids can take part in our crafting and designing process. This led us to the last but not the least attraction.

DIY classes. If you like to craft and get creative or want to learn how to paint and upcycle your old furniture, join our craft classes for all ages. You or your kids can socialize and make friends in our artistic community, participating in our events, working on your own project, always accompanied by a tea or a coffee and a homemade cookie.

We are open to new and original ideas, so do not hesitate to reach us if you have something in mind.
You can visit our Boutique in Vaudreuil, 113 Rue Dumont, J7V1W9 or contact us through our websites.
We invite you to follow us on our Instagram and Facebook accounts: and

Be safe, Stay creative!

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Satisfaction du client
Années d'expérience en design
J'ai eu le plaisir d'utiliser 5 des petites voitures en bois. Je ne peux pas en dire assez sur les propriétaires et le service incroyable qu'ils nous ont fourni. J'ai eu 7 enfants très heureux de 8 mois à 6 ans. Ils ont tous beaucoup apprécié les voitures et d'une si grande qualité. Je les recommande vivement et j'y retournerai pour les tentes plus tard cette année. Merci!!!
Mihaela est non seulement une créatrice très talentueuse et qualifiée, mais elle est également excellente avec les enfants. Elle parvient à organiser des activités auxquelles les enfants peuvent parfaitement participer seuls ou avec un peu d'aide de leurs parents! Ensemble avec Gabriel et Irene, ils forment une super équipe!
Doru Gabriel
Mihaela tu es la meilleure! Vous savez divertir les enfants! Ma fille adore vos cours de créativité! Bientôt fera une autre fête avec vos belles tentes! Merci!
Très bon service.
Orienté vers le client.
Super fête.